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Thousands of reasons why you should consider employing a trainee in Construction


Traineeships in construction have always been around. They are nothing new! Marketing apprentices to the construction industry has always been the primary pathway to training our future tradesmen and women and they will continue to play an important part in training development. However, with 45.5% of all trade apprentices withdrawing in the second year of their apprenticeship, making sure you have the right candidate for the role is imperative. This is why we are encouraging employers to consider the 12-month traineeship as a solid foundation to build from.

Here are some answers to some of your questions (also some myths)…..

Firstly, what is the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship?

An apprenticeship focuses on the skillsets of a particular trade area and is usually completed over a period of 3-4 years whilst attending off the job ‘block training’ at a training organisation during employment. The apprentice can only be employed in that trade field. If the apprentice no longer has employment with the contracted employer, their apprenticeship is cancelled unless another employer in that trade field can take over his/her apprenticeship.

A traineeship also focuses on particular skillsets but is usually completed over a period of 12-month whilst being trained predominantly on the job, with a training organisation attending the workplace to minimise disruption to the employers workload. Traineeships in construction are a lot more versatile and can be employed across various different trade fields, which provides flexibility to the trainee and the employer during the early stages of the learner’s development.  

So, is a traineeship inferior to an apprenticeship?

No. A trainee will be trained in all of the ‘soft skills’ units of competencies that an apprentice would expect to be trained in during their first year of an apprenticeship. Not only will a trainee complete these units of competencies, they will continue to complete up to 15 transferable construction related units of competencies during the 12 month traineeship.

Does this mean these units of competencies can be credited if they decide to progress to an apprenticeship thereafter?

Yes. If the trainee successfully completes a construction traineeship, several units of competencies can be credited to apprenticeship roles in trade areas such as Carpentry, Bricklaying, Plastering, Wall and Floor Tiling, Roof tiling, Glass and Glazing and more, leaving many more doors open to the trainee and the employer upon successfully completing a traineeship.

Yeah, but traineeships are only for school leavers and young people!

False. In fact a traineeship opens more doors to more people as the award doesn’t penalise businesses in the way of inflated wages for inexperienced workers over the age of 21 years of age. Making it a more cost effective option for business to employ and train people before deciding whether that person would be suitable for an apprenticeship role thereafter.



Are there financial incentives available to the employer to assist with the training and employment costs?

Yes! Remember the thousands of reasons to employ a construction trainee? How about $7,000.00 worth of reasons. Thanks to the Construction Training Fund, employing a trainee is very cost effective. Employers can receive up to $7,000.00 over the 12-month traineeship to help in off-setting any costs to business. A typical metropolitan construction trainee would attract $4,000.00! A scaffolding trainee can also attract up to $7,000.00 with a typical metropolitan scaffolding trainee attracting $4,000.00. Also, don’t forget to ask your AASN on trainee signup about Federal incentives including boosting apprentice/traineeship commencements wage subsidy if applicable. 


Ok, so where do I get a trainee from and how do I get them employed as a trainee?

Easy. Trade Academy WA has a full management package as part of our service to industry and can help to source the right candidate for the job. We pre-screen and interview them to ensure they meet your criteria prior to recommending them. We also organise the sign up process with an AASN (Australian Apprenticeship Support Network) and manage your incentive payments from the Construction Training Fund to streamline the whole process. If you wish to organise the above yourself then great, we can guide you through the process.


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