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Founded by tradies for tradies, Trade Academy Western Australia offer a unique scope of accredited qualifications that provide quality outcomes in building and construction apprenticeships, traineeships and custom developed short courses. These qualifications provide access to nationally recognised training for learners aspiring to gain employment in the building and construction industry.

Our innovative apprenticeships and traineeship training strategies have been designed to service a modern building and construction industry enabling employers and learners to have complete confidence in committing to traditional apprenticeships & traineeships with Trade Academy WA.

We are committed to ensuring our approach to apprenticeship and traineeship training is delivered in a modern and contemporary manner that meets the needs of the industry and their valued workforce. These strategies ensure the employer and learner maximise their on-the-job learning experience to capture the essential skills and knowledge to become highly skilled tradies.

In contrast to other training providers, our training strategies are designed around micro off-the-job class sizes, which promote quality training experiences and super-efficient training sessions, keeping your apprentice or trainee on-the-job for longer.

So, whether you’re a learner, employer or part of the Australian apprenticeship support network, make Trade Academy Western Australia your preferred registered training provider (RTO).


The Academy isn’t the biggest, but we aspire to be the best. As a nationally recognised micro trade training organisation, we have spent the last 10 years designing innovative training strategies for a modern building and construction industry that promote quality and efficiency above all else. Offering a micro-scope of qualifications, you can rest assured you and your apprentice will be receiving the best trade training experience on offer. You will benefit from;

  • Quality, industry leading trainers and assessors
  • 30% increase in time spent on-the-job learning
  • Fully customised training plan
  • Training road map 100% mapped out from commencement to completion
  • Micro class sizes for efficient off-the-job training (getting your apprentice back to work sooner)
  • Maximum training flexibility

Traineeships in construction have always been around. They are nothing new! Marketing apprentices to the construction industry has always been the primary pathway to training our future tradesmen and women and they will continue to play an important part in training development. However, with 39% of all trade apprentices withdrawing in the first year of their apprenticeship, making sure you have the right candidate for the role is imperative. This is why we are encouraging employers to consider the 12-month traineeship as a solid foundation to build from.

An apprenticeship focuses on the skills of a particular trade area and is usually completed over a period of 3-4 years whilst attending off the job ‘block training’ at a training organisation during employment. The apprentice can only be employed in that trade field. 

Often suited to school leavers or mature age learners, a traineeship equally focuses on their skills but is completed over a 12-month period (not as big of a commitment) whilst being trained predominantly on the job. Traineeships in construction are a lot more versatile and can be employed across various trade fields, which provides flexibility to the trainee and the employer during the early stages of the learner’s development.  

Usually, employers source candidates via job advertising or by contacting their local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN). Alternatively, give us a call as we may be able to put you in touch with candidates that are seeking employment.

As an employer of apprentices, some of your responsibilities include:

  • Providing on the job training and supervision
  • Paying apprentices/ Trainee the applicable wages as per the award
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Provide Apprentice/Trainee with the time to attend their off-the-job training

 No. All training providers that offer government funded training play by the same set of rules. This means there will be little variation in cost between providers. 

 Yes! There could be upward of $35,000 available to an employer. Your AASN will be able to give you an accurate assessment. 

Yes. If the apprentice has successfully completed any previous construction training that is relevant to their apprenticeship it can be credited towards their qualification. Trade Academy WA simply need a USI transcript from the learner’s portal, or a statement of attainment/transcript issued by their previous training provider. 



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