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We offer various options for Vocational Education and Training delivery to school students (VETDSS). We can support your learners with Certificate II options via part-time school-based traineeships (SBTs), Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETIS) programs, and Fulltime on-campus programs such as pre-apprenticeships.

We offer the following qualifications for school-based learners.

  • 52893WA Certificate II in Building and Construction (Pathway-Trades)
  • CPC20120 Certificate II in Construction
  • CPC20220 Certificate II in Construction Pathways

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An apprenticeship focuses on the skills of a particular trade area and is usually completed over a period of 3-4 years whilst attending off the job ‘block training’ at a training organisation during employment. The apprentice can only be employed in that trade field.

Often suited to school leavers or mature age learners, a traineeship equally focuses on their skills but is completed over a 12-month period (not as big of a commitment) whilst being trained predominantly on the job. Traineeships in construction are a lot more versatile and can be employed across various trade fields, which provides flexibility to the trainee and the employer during the early stages of the learner’s development.

No. A trainee will be trained in the ‘soft skills’ units of competence that an apprentice would expect to be trained in during their first year of an apprenticeship. Not only will a trainee complete these units of competence, but they will also continue to complete up to 15 transferable construction related units of competence during the 12-month traineeship.

Yes. If you successfully complete a construction traineeship, several units of competency can be credited to apprenticeship roles in trade areas such as Carpentry, Bricklaying, Plastering, Wall and Floor Tiling, Roof tiling, and more. This opens many more doors for the trainee and the employer.

False. In fact, a traineeship opens more doors to more people as it offers so much flexibility. Traineeships are popular with mature age learners (over 21 years old) as it provides a platform to gain plenty experiences that assist in deciding which trade to commence as an apprentice.

If you haven’t completed any previous building and construction training or you’re simply unsure as to what trade to do, then a traineeship may be best.

If you’re more certain as to which trade to go into as you have previous experience, then an apprenticeship may be best.

Give us a call, we can always help you to decide!

Yes! There could be upward of $35,000 available to your employer. Your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) will be able to give you an accurate assessment.

Easy. If you’re already employed and your employer wants to commence you into a traineeship or apprenticeship, then your employer just needs to call us, and we will do the rest.

If you don’t have an employer but wish to start a traineeship or apprenticeship, simply send us your resume and cover letter explaining what you want to do, and we will forward to our industry contacts.




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